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WorldWide Rosary Crusade
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Important: Enrollees are asked for a firm committment to pray the Rosary on the 13th of each month.

(* indicates necessary fields to help us make sure that the chain is complete. Please help us to blanket the world with the chain!)

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How did you hear about the World Wide Rosary effort?(help us measure the effectiveness of our efforts!)
Searching the Internet
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Word of mouth
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Heard about it in a newscast

Degree of involvement desired:
I simply want to particpate in the Rosary on the 13th
I would like to be kept abreast of any pertinant developments/progress
I would like to know of others in my geography who are involved
I would like to volunteer my help in growing the Rosary chain
I am in the communications/technology industry and would like to offer my professional assistance/services




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